Academic Coaching


Monarch provides a variety of academic and independent living supports to students with learning differences.  We offer customized academic support programs for students attending either community college or a four-year university.

Academic support may involve:

  • 8d74076d-55f5-4a30-b986-a23b258b0779Support with executive functioning skills, such as organization, time management, and effective problem solving
  • Creating academic planning systems and schedules, and reviewing them regularly with students to ensure deadlines are met
  • Self-advocacy and requesting accommodations
  • Understanding syllabi and other course expectations
  • Brainstorming specific strategies for academic success tailored to the individual’s learning styles
  • Correctly interpreting and responding to written and verbal feedback from professors
  • Managing stress and coping with test anxiety
  • Scheduling and attending meetings with advisors to ensure that the student is on track
  • Navigating campus and utilizing public transportation
  • Communicating effectively with professors and peers
  • Mastering academic writing skills, such as visual mapping, creating an outline, proofreading work before submission, etc.
  • In-classroom support
  • Understanding social norms within a college setting and practicing age-appropriate social skills
  • Managing self-disclosure
  • Developing awareness around community and personal safety