Employment Support

IMG_0421Attaining meaningful employment is a key step toward independence.  We support individuals to work toward, secure, and maintain employment that is both fitting and engaging.  Whether through resume development, learning job skills such as register usage, applying and interviewing for open positions, or on-the-job training, we seek to provide the relevant support for individuals to find and succeed in paid employment.

With time, encouragement, and individualized support, many individuals with developmental disabilities can learn to perform a variety of job duties correctly and efficiently with full independence.  Monarch job coaches provide one-on-one training specific to the needs and learning style of each individual; our person-centered approach to vocational support seeks to set each individual up for success in reaching their employment goals.

IMG_0424In addition to training individuals to complete required job duties, job coaches can also provide support with:

  • Completing paperwork and necessary orientation steps
  • General problem-solving strategies
  • Brainstorming helpful job adaptations
  • Advocating with employers or supervisors (requesting accommodations)
  • Navigating self-disclosure issues
  • Providing social support and teaching appropriate workplace social skills
  • Developing natural supports on the job